Tibetan New Year Event(7days/6nights)

Key Points

During this trip you will experience the Tibetan New year. It will be very impressive for you to enjoy the climate of very warmful New Year event. You can take the local dress and count the time at the Tibetan home for the coming next New year. You will get a set of tailored Tibetan dress from the professional tailor as the auspicious New year souvenir.


Literally meaning "Holy-Land", is the heart and soul of Tibet, has history of more than 1,300 years. It rose to prominence as an important center of administrative power in the 7th century AD, when Songtsen Gampo, a local ruler in the Yarlung Valley, continued the task of unifying Tibet. Songtsen Gampo moved his capital to Lhasa and built a palace on the site that is now occupied by the Potala.

The fifth Dalai Lama also made Lhasa his capital. He built his palace, the Potala, on the site of ruins of Songtsen Gampo's 7th century palace, Lhasa has remained Tibet's capital since 1642, and most of the city's historical sights date from this second stage of the city's development.


Located by Yarlung Valley, is the capital of Shannan Prefecture. It's reputed as "the cradle of Tibetan Civilization", mainly for two reasons: First, the mild weather and fertile land in Shannan gestated the great Tibet dynasty. Second, it's the birthplace of the first Tibetans who were said to be the offspring of a monkey and a demoness. So Tsedang literally means "monkey's playground".

By visiting these two legendary cities, you can not only explore Tibet's origins, but also enjoy the spectacular landscape of Yarlung Tsangpo Valley.


Feb24: HONGKONG-Chengdu

Take flight to Chengdu, over night in airport hotel.

Feb25: Arrive in Lhasa.

The guide will meet you at Konggar Airport, and transfer you to Lhasa city with about 1 1/2 hours' driving (100km). On the way, you'll get greeted by Nie Tang Budda- a Budda image engraved in the mountain face. After arrive in Lhasa, rest and acclimatize. Overnight in Lhasa

Feb26: Lhasa.

The first day of sightseeing starts from Lhasa's cardinal landmark- Potala Palace, a structure of massive portions. Its towering image already appearing on various occasions, but your first sight of the Potala will still be an awe-inspiring moment. It takes at least a good 2-hour to visit those rooms, halls and chapels.

Some 2km to the east of the Potala is the most revered religious structure in Tibet- Jokhang Temple. Bustling with worshippers and redolent with mystery, the Jokhang is an unrivalled experience. The quadrangle of streets surrounding the Jokhang is the Barkhor- Lhasa's most interesting pilgrimage circuit. This area of the Old Town is both the spiritual heart of Lhasa and the main commercial district for Tibetans. Overnight in Lhasa (B)

Feb27: Lhasa.

About 8km west of central Lhasa is the Drepung, once world's largest monastery with about 10,000 monks. This day's sightseeing begins with these white monastic buildings piled up on the hillside. Walking up to the hill is a pleasant thing, an easy break from the solemn ambience inside the halls and chapels. At the plat roof of hillside, you can have very good views of the whole Lhasa city and the distant mountains.

Drepung is one of Lhasa's two great Gelugpa monasteries, the other is Sera. Around 5km north of central Lhasa, Sera may not be as grandiose as Drepung, but is more serene surrounded by many small temples. The 'Buddhism Scriptures Debating' in Sera is very famous.

Tonight is the fore night of the new year, you will count the time for the coming new year in Tibetan home. Take the Tibetan dress and give the auspicious wish to every people. Overnight in Lhasa (B)

Feb28: Lhasa-Samye -Tsedang.

To the north bank of the Yarlung Tsangpo River, among the open farmland, stands Tibet's very first monastery- Samye which has a history over 1200 years. To reach Samye, you'll take ferry to cross the Yarlung Tasangpo river, a fantastic ride. East of Samye is the Hepo Ri hill, a 30-minute climb up the side ridge takes you to an incense burner, festooned with prayer flags and offering great views of Samye below. 2hrs later you will arrive Tsedang, the third largest town in Tibet. (B).

Mar01: Tsedang – Yumblagang- Tsedang.

Back from Samye, you'll make way to Yumblagang, a medieval-European-castle-like structure, reputed as Tibet's oldest building. It doesn't take that long to explore Yumbulagang. Perhaps the best part of the visit is the walk up along the ridge above the building. There’re fabulous views of the Yarlung valley. Overnight in Tsedang (B)

Mar02: Leave.

Pack your luggage and get ready for leaving. The guide will transfer you to the airport, and help you board the plane. Say goodbye to Tibet and fly out. (B)

RMB11,000/pax (more than 4 paxs in group)
Single supplement RMB1,200

1. the Alien's Travel Permit,
2.A nice set of Tibetan Dress made by professional tailor,
3. Hongkong-Chengdu-Lhasa round trip airfare,
4. transportation by non-AC coach/jeep,
5. 3-star hotes based on twin-bed room,
6. breakfast,
7. English-speaking guide,
8. sightseeing entrance fees.

tips(normal practice 5$/day*person), other personal expenses, not mentioned meals

1. Departure may be advanced one day due to flight schedule re-arrangement.
2. Hotels are subject to change, but will remain the same standard.

The evaluation from Tibet Travel Expert

Adventure: **

Less adventure most of the trip is in the valley of Yalong.

Culture: ****

Experience the oldest cities of Tibet and sightseeing most of the important place of Tibetan culture.

Facility: *****

The best place for the tourists, can get enough supply of accommodation vehicle and food.

Road condition: *****

All the way on the black road.

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