Abode of Fairy Mother Goddess on Earth - Huanglong

Located in the northeast rim of Aba Prefecture, the northeast side of the main peak of Min Mount named Xuebao Ding Mount, the scenic spot of Huanglong is 56 km away from the east part of Songpan County.

The scenic spot of Huanglong can be called as the Abode of Fairy Mother Goddess on Earth, regarded as""the Most Perfection over the Whole World". With the elegant natural scenes, Huanglong was listed in Record of World Natural Heritage in 1992, arranged in World Network of Man and Biosphere Reserve in 2000, and gained the laurel of""Green Globe 21" in 2002, which is appraised to be""the masterwork in the world and the 4A Scenic Spot in State-level". The scenic spot of Huanglong is a synthesis of sightseeing composed by the focus scenery of the large-scale, unique and mysterious open-air karst landscape, the content of precipitous and wonderful plateau natural scenery, and the characteristic of the gorgeous national styles. The scenic spot is famous both at home and abroad for the five characteristics of its natural sceneries, namely as wonderful as Huanglong Ditch, as powerful as Xuebao Ding Mount, as strong as Xueshan Liang, as high as Danyun Gorge, and as wild as Mouni Ditch.

There are seven scenery areas here, as Huanglong Ditch scenery area, Danyun Gorge scenery area, Xueshan Liang scenery area, Xuebao Ding scenery area, Mouni Ditch scenery area, Hongxing Rock scenery area, and Dishui scenery area, with the total area of more than 700 km².

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