“The King of Mountains in Sichuan” - Gongga Mountain

Gongga Mountain lies about 320 km southwest from Chengdu, and about 55 km away from the south part of Luding County. In Tibetan language, "Gong" means ice, while "Ga" means "white". Gongga Mountain, the leading peak in the snow-covered mountains of the west of Sichuan with altitude of 7,556 m above the sea level, is the highest mountain in Sichuan Province. Its top measures about 70 m2, covered by snow all the year round. On June 13th, 1957, a Chinese climbing team mounted the summit. In 1980, together with other 7 peaks as Qomolangma, Gongga Mountain began to receive foreign climbing teams.

In the high and steep Gongga Mountain, the snow does not melt perennially. Looking from distance, the mountain seems like appearing on indistinct boundless snow sea with solemn and mystery, which cause people's respect easily. Especially in fine days, the magnificent view that the mountain is dyed by rosy clouds can not be imagined except for a real experience.

The Hailuogou Valley that lies at the foot of Gongga Mountain is world-famous for the modern glacier in low altitude (the glaciers in the world mostly lay in the region of high altitude). The sparkling modern glacier rushes down from the high and steep valley, spraying millions of water blooms, changing the quite valley into a pure water palace. Ice holes and ice Bridge make people feel like entering into a Crystal Palace. Especially the unique icing waterfalls, more than 1,000 m high , about 1,100 m wide, is so magnificent and outstanding that even ten times larger than the famous Huangguoshu Waterfalls, At sunny day and moon night, the scene is multifarious, which make visitor remember forever.

Under the snow line of Gongga Mountain, because of the special geographical position, a lot of rare animal species still exist here. Near the cold glacier, there are both boiling springs with the temperatures up to 90.C and hot waterfall. The difference in temperature is a real great wonder of the nature.

Tibetan inhabitants here are very hospitable, and they are simple, honest and unspoiled, which become scenery full of attraction.

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